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Empowering our Seniors

To live actively and age joyfully.

Precious Active Ageing Centre

We are now serving a much larger community from the previously an average of 200 seniors per centre to now, an average of 1,000 and gradually reaching 4,000 or more as population ages.


We will work alongside with AIC and MOH on the government’s vision to keep seniors ageing in place. We foresee more collaboration with community partners to provide a wider range of programmes and activities to meet the needs of our seniors

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Our Story
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Our Story

Precious Active Ageing Centre is a one-stop activity centre and main connecting point among the seniors in the community. 

Program & Services

Our programs are designed and catered to the seniors' need and interest. We always involve our seniors while planning the daily program and activities

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Events & Gallery

Our centres are hubs of activity where seniors can meet regularly, enabling them to remain physically fit, mentally active and socially connected with their friends and neighbours

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